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Why on earth would I rent a crash pad? I have one of my own!

That's a good question indeed. Answers vary, but the short answer is: It's just easier.

Longer answer would be something along the lines of: You don't have to guess whether you have to pay extra to get the crash pad to the airplane. You don't have to carry around your own crash pad. Our crash pads are in very good condition, you don't have to use your own. You usually can fit more people to the same sized car when you leave crash pads home.

Different people value different things, you can have your own crash pad, we don't mind, we just offer the service for the people who want to rent the crash pads.

Where do I see the contact info for different locations?

Check our Operators-page. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email or eg. via Facebook

Can I make changes to my reservation after I have purchased it?

You are indentified by the email you gave us when you reserved the pads. Send us an email using the email account you gave and we'll sort the reservation accordingly.

What payment methods you have?

We accept the major credit cards (Visa, Master card, American Express), Almost all of the Finnish network banks. We also accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Can I reserve multiple pads?

Yes. Just set the pick up date, return date, do the search and add the crash pad to the cart. You can also add multiple crash pads from the search result page. If you want to have multiple time spans, do the serach again and add the crash pads to the cart.

Do you have an office in Rocklands, Albarracin (some other place)

No, not yet. We totally want to serve you the best possible ways and try to get a branch to the place you want. Drop us a line about the location you'd like to rent the pads in. The mail is

We are a crash pad manufacturer and we'd like to have our pads available at your service.

Not a bad idea. We offer you a value added service. In addition (if the client agrees), we can track the usage of the crash pads via sensor. It provides information like amount of falls, time carried, times thrown, total rental hours, humidity and temperature. You can also use Padadise to do the testing of your new products, we offer heavy, real world usage for your crash pads! Contact

We don't have a car or we'd just like to have the crash pads at our accommodation, is that possible?

Yes. We have a delivery service. The prices vary depending the time of the year, time of the date and such things. Be prepared to pay at least 20eur per delivery.

Where do we get the guidebooks?

The easiest answer is 27Crags. You can have 27Crags for a month (not recurring, one time payment) for around 8 euros and subscription starting at roughly 4e/month.

Local climbing shops also carry printed guidebooks, they are very good souvenirs. But finding the climbs, 27Crags really works wonders (offline maps, new problems gets updated to the app, paths, GPS location etc.)