What is Padadise?

The idea of Padadise is simple. Instead of hauling around crash pads around trains, terminals and buses, just rent the crash pad at the same time as you are renting the car, booking the flights and the accommodations. If you want to know more, the easiest way to see the answers to the most common questions is to head to our FAQ section.

You don't have to second guess if the rental place has crash pads when you arrive. Renting a crash pad usually happens when the demand is the highest - in the peak season. That's why we show exactly what crash pads we have available and with what price.

The most common location for crashpad rental is Fontainebleau. There's probably no questions why, because Fontainebleau is known as the mecca for high quality sand stone bouldering. The next most popular places are Rocklands and Albarracin.


We operate in selected bouldering locations. Fontainebleau is our main location, but we offer crash pads in other parts of the world also. The prices vary between locations, so the prices might be different in different locations.


Probably doesn't need that much introduction, but here we go. The top bouldering location in the world. Over 30 000 problems varying from 1 to 9A. Famous for its immaculate sand stone and amazing circuits. Child and family friendly location with circuits also for kids.

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Probably the #1 bouldering location in Spain. Famous for its reddish sandstone. A little shy of 2000 boulders renders it to one of the winter/Christmas locations.

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New and upcoming bouldering destination in Spain. Closer to Barcelona than Albarracin. Offers very featured sandstone. It resides a little bit lower than Albarracin, so it's a good destination when the temps get too cold or snowy in Albarracin. Very much potential for new boulders.

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Does this even need any explanation? The sandstone paradise with amazing sunset and setting in South Africa. It's the summer destination for ppl who live on the Northern hemisphere. 3000 boulders are waiting for you there!

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Why People Choose Us

Top quality

We cooperate with the best of the bunch. Never rent a beat up crash pad again!

We don't want to rent our crash pad once, we want to have you as our loyal and satisfied customer!

We care for the pads

We care for the pads we rent, because we rent the pads we would like to rent ourselves!

We also give feedback to the crashpads manufacturers about their crash pads.

Reasonable prices

We offer the quality crash pads in top conditions with reasonable prices!

The lowest prices are currently from 35€/week!

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Fast and Reliable Booking

We provide convenient booking system, which suits seasoned veterans as first-time travellers.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more info!